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One-on-One personalised coaching in person or online anywhere in the world. Discover the different packages and experience how bioenergetics can upgrade your health.


Discover the power of NES technology with a scan of your body-field.

- Scan & Report
- 30 min free review of your scan


Starter Package

A one month package to start your journey to improved energy.

- Scan & Report
- 80 min consultation to review your scan
- 5 Infoceuticals
- 5% discount

Starter Package

Explorer Package

A 3 month package where you will scan and follow the recommended infoceuticals protocol each month.

* 1 Scan & Report per month
* 80 min 1st Consultation
* 2x40 min Follow-up Consultations
* 5 Infoceuticals per month
* 10% discount

Explorer Package

Work With Me

I provide services in the emerging field of bioenergetics. This means assessing and correcting the body’s energy and communication systems. Doing this improves your body’s own ability to heal and stay healthy – to thrive in all areas of your life and realize your full potential.


How the System Works

Each programme includes everything you need to experience the benefits of the BioEnergetiX WellNES System and start living a more energetic life.


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