All programmes at a glance:

I variety of options to choose from. You decide how long and deep you want to go on this journey.



The Complete WellNES system for 1 month



The Complete WellNES system for 3 months



6 months to transform your energy

Energy For Life


12 months to incorporate Energy Health for life



Discover the power of NES technology with a scan of your body-field.
An affordable way to find out how the BioEnergetiX WellNES System works and can help you achieve your energy goals.

Scan Sample


Would you like to have a taste of the scan for free? Click below to see if there are any free samples on offer. I regularly make these available every month!

How does it work?

First you need to register a free account with NES: do it here

You will receive a notification when your account is ready for scanning, along with instructions

Log into your account and follow the instructions sent by email to do your scan

Your scan sample will be accessible from your account. You will see a limited number of screens.

If you wish to unlock the full scan, click on any of the plans above to purchase.

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